Toxicological Emergencies Simulation Training (TEST) Course


17 November 2016

Target Audience:
Critical Care, Emergency & Acute Medicine & Clinical Toxicology Residents, Trainees and Physicians

Description of TEST course:
This course aims to explore toxicological considerations and management during resuscitation in the Emergency Department. The topics covered would include: General approach to poisoning and Toxicological considerations in resuscitation. Participants will undergo training in high fidelity resuscitation toxicology-related scenarios in a team environment. This will be conducted in small workshop groups led by faculty emergency physicians and clinical toxicologists.

Maximum Participants:
The course is limited to a maximum of 20 participants per session

Course Director:
Dr. Gene Ong, Consultant, KK Children’s Emergency


The Hazmat Medical Life Support Program – Basic Provider Course (One day course)

17 November 2016

Target Audience:
Doctors and nurses working in the Emergency Departments, Doctors, Nurses and Other healthcare workers who form part of the medical response team for Hazmat incidents, Paramedics and Ambulance Officers, Hospital emergency planners

The course aims to provide education and training for medical, nursing and paramedical staff who may be called upon to respond to Hazmat incidents. It provides a clinical approach to the triage, diagnosis and treatment for Hazmat incident casualties.

This course will educate and train first responders on the effects of hazardous chemicals on man, teach effective triage schemes and to prioritize the management of mass casualties in a Hazmat incident and provide standardized treatment for a Hazmat casualty.

• Basic Toxicology Principles
• Clinical Effects from Chemical Agent & Industrial Hazmat Exposure
• Triage, Evaluation & Treatment of Chemical Warfare Agent & Industrial Hazmat Casualties
• The Clinical and Operational Approach to a Hazmat Casualty
• Practical Skills Station
• Hazmat Medical Response System
• Life Support Issues in Hazmat Casualties
• Care of the Contaminated Wound
• The Paediatric Hazmat Casualty
• Exposure to Biological Agents
• Clinical Effects and Management following Nuclear/Radiation exposure