Dr. Ahmad Khaldun Ismail

Dr. Khaldun is a Medical lecturer and Consultant Emergency Physician in Department of Emergency Medicine,Hospital CanselorTuankuMuhriz andUniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre. He is the President of Malaysian Society on Toxinology (MST) and Founder & Consultant of Remote Envenomation Consultancy Services (RECS). He is an expert in the fields of Clinical Toxinology ,Emergency Medicine, Prehospital Care and Special Events Medical Services (SEMS) and holding the authorship of number of publications.


Dr. Shaun Green

Dr Greene is an Clinical Toxicologist and Emergency Physician based at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. He is Director of the Victorian Poisons Information Service and Austin Toxicology Service. Dr Greene's interests include harm recreational drug toxicity and prescription opioid analgesic related harm.


Dr Tse Man Li
MBChB(CUHK), FHKCEM, FHKAM(Emerg Med), PgDip Medical Toxicology (Cardiff)


Dr Tse Man Li is an Emergency Physician from Hong Kong. He is currently the consultant and deputy director of the Hong Kong Poison Information Centre. He is an honorary visiting professor to the School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University and an honorary clinical associate professor to the LKS Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong University.DrTse is elected to be the Secretary General of APAMT since 2015 and he also serves as council members in the Hong Kong Association of Clinical Toxicology and the Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery. He has published more than 50 peer-review papers relating to clinical toxicology.


Dr. Min–Ling Wu
Taipei Veterans General Hospital and Taiwan National Poison Control Center


Dr. Wu works as an attending physician and clinical consultant in the Division of Clinical Toxicology & Occupational Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine at Taipei Veterans General Hospital since 2000.She has been involved as co-investigator in National Poison Control Center on poisoning, antidote network, and associated with National Yang-Ming Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan. Management of poisoning cases is her every-day practice, and she has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications in various aspects of toxicology. Dr. Wu received a bachelor's degree in medical technology from National Taiwan University, a master's degree in preventive medicine, and trained in medicine at National Yang-Ming Medical University, Taipei, and she has a particular interest in herbal and plant poisoning, heavy metal toxicology and analytical toxicology.