Toxicology Society (Singapore)

Toxicology Society, Singapore was founded in 2011 and her members comprises of toxicologists from multidisciplinary background including physicians, pharmacists, scientist and academics with an interest in developing and advancing toxicology.

The objectives of the Toxicology Society, Singapore are:

  1. Promote and advance the study of toxicology in all its aspects
  2. Provide a platform for discussion and communication amongst multidisciplinary professionals with interest in advancing the science of toxicology
  3. Promote Toxicology as a subspecialty in Medicine
  4. Promote chemical safety awareness in the home, workplace and public arena

The society has spearheaded the writing of the curriculum for HAZMAT teaching and has conducted HAZMAT course for healthcare professionals in Singapore. The society has also conducted simulation workshops on toxicological emergencies and has been actively involved in the toxicology track for the Annual Scientific Meeting for the Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore (SEMS).